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Your time is your money. Canary Compliance saves you both. 

Eliminate unnecessary dispatches. See real-time tank data. Analyze troublesome trends.

Canary Compliance has built the most reliable remote tank monitor connection and powerful software analytics platform to help you achieve cost-effective compliance.

Simple & streamlined remote UST monitoring

Our hardware is the backbone of our revolutionary software.

The Canary feeds tank data into our simple and seamless software platform to reduce compliance and alarm managers’ administrative burden and help them focus on the tasks that add value to their business.



Streamline alarm management and monthly compliance activities with a real-time dashboard built by compliance managers and regulatory experts.



Never miss an essential alert again, with a granular view of tank data that enables timely recommendations and prompt resolutions as alarms occur.



Tired of calling a station for a fax at the end of the month? Canary’s software automatically monitors and tracks monthly results to eliminate that stressful last minute scramble.



Connect your haulers with real-time inventory data to optimize dispatch. No extra setup or configuration required – just let us know who needs the data.

Make compliance easy.

Getting started is simple.

Send us an email at simplify@cancomply.io to learn more about our offer and pricing.

We’ll be in touch within 24 hours.