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Bringing insight & intelligence to remote UST monitoring



Canary’s 3G wireless
connection is always on and
99.9% reliable.


Canary protects your data with
the highest security and
a stand-alone 3G connection.


Canary sends you the right
data at the right time – so you
can make the right decisions.

Canary Compliance offers the most reliable, easy-to-use, remote tank

monitoring platform to help you easily view and manage your

underground tanks.

Easy, five-minute installation

The plug-and-play Canary box install and connects your ATG to a wireless 3G network in less than five minutes. No IT involvement required – and no risk of exposing your POS network to hackers.

99% reliable 3G connection

Canary’s hardware includes a built-in, wireless, 3G-enabled, internet connection that is 99.9% reliable.

Powerful alarm analytics & real-time notifications

Canary’s leak detection alarm analysis engine lets you know where there’s an issue that needs your attention, reducing “noise” and saving you money on unnecessary dispatches.

Compliance documentation and record keeping

Canary stores up-to-the-moment regulatory reporting information in the Canary cloud, ready for you to download and print whenever you need it, including all ATG printouts in digital format as proof, so you don’t have to rely on the station attendant to save paper slips.

Live inventory readings

Canary provides real-time visibility into tank fuel volumes and gives you the tools to optimize your fuel operations, including: customizable, scheduled real-time inventory feeds to haulers and up-to-the-minute inventory reports on demand.

For a demo, call (267) 354-0823 or email join@cancomply.io