Operating a gas station is complex.


Smart, simple, affordable remote tank monitoring.
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Ken Caldwell, Northgate Petroleum
Independent (5 sites)

“The mobile app makes getting tank readings so convenient! I’ve been blown away from the first call. Everything from device install to user setup is so easy and your team is so responsive. It’s tough to find a company like Canary anymore!”

Jayson Crawford, BKS
Jobber (45 sites)

“The ability to view our stores’ inventory at any time of the day is a major advantage to our dispatching, loss prevention as well as for our drivers in the field. Canary has lifted a weight off our shoulders when it comes to our inventory control.”

Bob Brecker, CrossAmerica Partners
Retailer / Wholesaler (900+ sites)

“We buy and sell a lot of stores under various classes of trade. Establishing quick, easy, and reliable remote connectivity is critical so we can access the tank monitor data we need for each type of store. Canary makes that happen.”