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Our mission is to eliminate environmental and financial catastrophes

that result from leaking underground storage tanks

According to EPA statistics, over a quarter of the 128,000 gas stations in the US are non-compliant with environmental regulations, which exist to protect groundwater sources from contamination.

The EPA states that the number one reason for non-compliance is missing or incomplete paperwork and test results. In the event of a leak, missing paperwork can lead to pro-rated or rejected insurance claims, putting you and your business on the line for potentially millions of dollars of fines, cleanup, and remediation costs.

Canary Compliance is here to solve the stressful, time-consuming, month-end rushes to file compliance paperwork. Our smart hardware plugs into your tank monitor, and then it works with our intelligent software to do all the tedious administration for you. No setup required other than plugging it in!

Contact us at simplify@www.cancomply.io today to learn more about how to transform compliance from a cost center into a competitive advantage!