About Us

The Canary Compliance journey began in 2011…

In 2011, an environmental consulting firm in Philadelphia built a software product to remotely monitor fuel tanks at gas stations for leaks, alarms, and inventory. Over time, the firm’s owners recognized the market opportunity that effective remote tank monitoring presented, and decided to spin out, modernize, and scale the software business.

In early 2016, Canary Compliance was reborn. Since then, the product and platform have been dramatically transformed, with high-tech breakthroughs in hardware and software helping secure clients and partners across the United States. We are excited to share our innovations with the retail fuels industry to support cost-effective, data-driven compliance!

Meet the team:

Jon Kelly

CEO | Founder

Will Lokes

Software Engineer

John Ryder

Chief Technology Officer

Lauren Steltzer

UX Director

Justin Whitfield

Head of Growth Initiatives