Canary selected to speak at National Tanks Conference

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Canary Compliance is excited to announce that we have been selected to speak on UST alarm analytics at the National Tanks Conference this September! We look forward to sharing dynamic trend analyses and interactive data from our ongoing research into UST alarms to help the audience understand how modern analytical software tools can be applied [...]

“100x easier to install…”

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Most of the retail fuels industry understands the value of remote underground storage tank monitoring, but there is a common misconception that a reliable, secure connection requires a lot of work to set up. One of Canary Compliance’s customers had some independent dealer sites that required inventory monitoring. The dealers were still using phone calls [...]

Canary installation demonstration

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See how easy it can be to connect your tank monitor - get reliable, secure, real-time visibility to your tank compliance reports and inventory with Canary!

What we can learn from an alarming incident in Chicago…

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The retail fuels industry is reeling from the recent news of a catastrophic underground storage tank leak near Chicago that led to multiple explosions, injuries, and evacuations. As cleanup crews depart and normal operations resume, it is important to reflect on the underlying causes of the disaster and identify opportunities to avoid such incidents in [...]

Primed to Pump: Labor Day 2017 Gas Price Predictions

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The next big holiday weekend is just a month away, and gasoline prices are beginning to creep up. Labor Day weekend is the traditional end of season getaway, as families return to fall routines thereafter. It’s the last chance for gas station owners to capitalize on the peak travel months of the year. Will this [...]

How automated compliance dovetails with coming EPA regulatory changes

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Gas station owners, you've got a looming deadline to make changes to your compliance methodology. Good news: since July 2015, when the EPA revised its Underground Storage Tank regulations, there have been major moves forward in gas station compliance technology. While many of the EPA's revisions have already taken effect, others had a more leisurely fulfillment [...]

Tank Corrosion: what you don’t know (but should)

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The Environmental Protection Agency's 2016 report revealed that many fuels retailers don't know the extent of corrosion in diesel fuel storage tanks. Carolyn Hoskinson, Director of the Office of Underground Storage Tanks, says that significant corrosion was found at 83% of sites visited while researching the report. But the shocking part is that only 25% of those [...]

Address the threat of gas station cyberattacks

By | 2017-07-27T11:36:17+00:00 July 18th, 2017|

As gas stations get more connected, the threat of hackers increases. It's been too easy for bad players to exploit the vulnerabilities in your system. You can prevent hackers from getting into your reporting technology. Earlier this year, the NACS podcast welcomed Gray Taylor, Executive Director at Conexxus, to talk about the alarming increase of cyberattacks [...]

Finally, a complete compliance solution for the retail fuels industry

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There is an often quoted statistic in the world of compliance: 72.5%. It represents the percentage of retail fuel sites in the US that are compliant with EPA regulations, and it means that the remaining 27.5% are non-compliant, creating significant environmental and financial risks for the industry and society at large. The potential costs [...]

Compliance: Your Secret Weapon to Crush the Competition

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Money disappears when no one’s looking. The cost of EPA compliance is often folded into other budget items. But when you take a look into the actual costs of compliance, the expense can escalate quickly. On the low side is a $20,000 fine resulting from a failed spot check. If you let a leak [...]