Address the threat of gas station cyberattacks

Posted by Jon Kelly on 2017-07-18

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As gas stations get more connected, the threat of hackers increases. It’s been too easy for bad players to exploit the vulnerabilities in your system. You can prevent hackers from getting into your reporting technology. Earlier this year, the NACS podcast welcomed Gray Taylor, Executive Director at Conexxus, to talk about the alarming increase of cyberattacks on convenience store databases. You can listen here.

Taylor details the tools you can use to prevent attacks. “From data breaches to malware and ransomware, every business—or even every computer—is vulnerable. What can businesses to best protect themselves from attacks—and what can they do to prepare for broader threats beyond their control?”

The good news is that there are affordable and simple ways to keep your reporting systems safe, particularly when you have vulnerable end points like older tank monitoring systems.

New technology keeps hackers at bay. Instead of old tank monitoring systems based on ethernet connections that are easily cracked, a cellular connection is nearly impossible to penetrate and keeps tank monitors isolated from your network, where sensitive POS and personal data resides. Fortunately, cellular tank monitoring alternatives exist to help shore up your security right away and keep your data,property, and people safe.

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