Tank Corrosion: what you don’t know (but should)

Posted by Jon Kelly on 2017-07-24

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The Environmental Protection Agency’s 2016 report revealed that many fuels retailers don’t know the extent of corrosion in diesel fuel storage tanks. Carolyn Hoskinson, Director of the Office of Underground Storage Tanks, says that significant corrosion was found at 83% of sites visited while researching the report. But the shocking part is that only 25% of those owners knew they had a corrosion problem. Listen to the full podcast here.

If you have underground storage tanks, it’s essential to find out if your tanks have corroded and are now leaking. Hoskinson and EPA colleague Mark Barolo suggest that you take a closer look inside your tank. If you have corrosion, a release isn’t far off. Penalties, fines and cleanups are preventable.

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