What does an ATG do?

Posted by Jon Kelly on 2021-02-09

An ATG - also known as an automatic tank gauge or automatic tank monitor - is a piece of equipment that is installed at a gas station. A tank gauge is connected to a series of sensors and probes that monitor the underground storage tanks for leaks, volume, and testing associated with environmental compliance.

Most retailers use an automatic tank gauge for three things:

Checking fuel levels Monitoring leak detection alarms Printing environmental compliance records

These days, most modern retailers connect their automatic tank gauge to the Internet in order to manage all that data digitally. If it’s not connected to the Internet, a tank monitor is only useful for someone at the store.

Check out some photos below to see different brands of automatic tank gauging systems, including Veeder Root, Franklin Fueling, OPW, and Omntech, among others.

Veeder-Root TLS-300 Veeder-Root TLS-350

Veeder-Root TLS-450

Veeder-Root TLS-450 Plus

Franklin TS-550

OPW SiteSentinel Integra 500

Omtec Proteus
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