What the Beep? - CSLD Rate Increase Warning Script

Posted by Joseph Holder on 2020-01-16

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Justin: Hi there! I’m Justin with Canary. Welcome to “What the Beep?”, where we answer your questions about ATG alarms. First up...

Voice: Hey Canary - what’s a CSLD rate increase warning? I see this all the time and don’t know what to do about it.

Justin: Ah yes - good one. CSLD - continuous statistical leak detection - (also referred to as “SCALD” by some manufacturers) is a leak detection test that fails if the fuel level in a tank goes up or down unexpectedly.

Voice: So wouldn’t this test fail every time volume increases because of a delivery then?

Justin: Remember...this alarm occurs when tank volume changes unexpectedly - delivery-related increases are expected to increase the amount of fuel in the tank, so those don’t trigger an alarm.

The CSLD rate increase warning that you asked about is an alarm to indicate that the tank volume is going up when there is no delivery.

Voice: How does fuel level rise in a tank when there’s no delivery??

Justin: Maybe water is entering your tank. That’s not good.They don’t mix here and they don’t mix in your tank.

The rise in tank level could also be from fuel. Fuel can seep back into a tank once it has already left if the equipment isn’t doing its job, causing the level to rise. Sort of like when someone backwashes into a drink - also not good.

In both cases, you’ll get that CSLD rate increase alarm and you’ll be out of compliance if your leak test can’t get a passing result, which you need every month.

So if you see a CSLD rate increase warning, check if there’s water in your tank straight away. If it’s not water, confirm that all your tank isn’t “backwashing” - you might need a trained service tech for that.

Voice: So what if the fuel level decreases unexpectedly?

Justin: Good question but you’re getting ahead of me! We’ll discuss that in a later episode of “What the Beep”. But it could indicate a leak...

There ya go - CSLD Rate Increase Warnings. See ya next time for more alarm insight on What the Beep!

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