What the Beep? - Interstitial Sensor Fuel Alarm Script

Posted by Joseph Holder on 2020-03-03

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Justin: Welcome back to “What the Beep?” where we have another question about another alarm.

Voice: Hey Canary, what is an L3 UNL INTERSTITIAL Sensor Fuel Alarm?

Justin: The “Interstitial” or “Annular” is in reference to the space between the inner wall and the outer wall, of a double walled tank. A sensor in that space checks for the presence of a potential leak.

So imagine you have a bottle of soda inside a plastic bag. The bottle is your primary containment. If it leaks the plastic bag your secondary containment keeps the liquid from spilling out into the environment. That’s kind of how a double-walled tank works.

Voice: What causes an interstitial sensor to alarm and what do I do about it?

Justin: This alarm occurs if there’s liquid in your interstitial space. This could be water could be fuel - both are bad.

If it’s fuel, it could mean your primary containment is leaking, remember that plastic bag? If it’s water it could be an equipment issue that’s allowing water into your interstitial space. Remember water in a UST system is bad.

So if you see an Interstitial Sensor Alarm here’s what you’re going to do:

  1. Dispatch a tech and have them
  2. Check for liquid
  3. Remove any liquid
  4. Make any necessary repairs

Voice: What if my service company tells me I need major repairs to resolve my sensor issue?

Justin: I get it repairs can be expensive. But if you want to keep your customers coming to your station, sometimes repairs are your only option to keep that tank in service.

There ya have it - Interstitial Sensor Fuel Alarms. Stay tuned for the next episode of “ What the Beep?” Where we answer more questions about alarms!

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