What the Beep? - PLLD Shutdown Alarm Script

Posted by Joseph Holder on 2020-02-17

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Justin: Welcome back to another episode of “What the Beep?” next alarm up.

Voice: Hey Canary, What is a Q2 PLLD Shutdown alarm?

Justin: PLLD stands for Pressurized Line Leak Detection - which runs line tests throughout the day to ensure there isn’t a leak in your line.

The “Q” stands for “Line” in the tank monitor jargon. Why ? Good question - I don’t know. Anyway, in this instance, we’re talking about Q2 or “line 2”.

Typically, there will also be a product label associated with the line in the ATG programming. To help you identify which line is in alarm.

Voice: Ok so Q2 is my Super line, but why did it shut down?

Justin: If you have PLLD at your site chances are your tank monitor is programmed to shut the line down when certain high-risk actions occur. It’s kind of like making toast, smells like it’s burning, shut it down.

Typically, PLLD shutdowns will happen when there is an indication of a potential leak, however they can also happen if your tank runs out of fuel.

Voice: Great...so you’re telling me the same alarm notification can mean different things? How do I know what the real problem is?

Justin: First, check for some low-hanging fruit - are you out of fuel? If not you may have a potential leak that you need to get investigated. If you are out of product, you’ll want to roll a delivery truck out to the site.

So there you have it - PLLD Shutdown Alarms. Tune into the next episode of “What the Beep?” for more insight into alarms!

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