Become a Distributor

As a Canary distributor, you can earn hardware margins and recurring software revenue while reducing repeat service calls for your customers.

With Canary’s fully automated tank monitor alarm interpretation, nuisance calls are reduced by up to 90%... talk about a win-win for you and your customers!

Becoming a distributor is easy – no complicated implementation, certification or training is required.

Option 1:

Sell Canary hardware to your customers (up to 20% margins), then reap the benefit of recurring commissions as long as that customer uses Canary. Your customers will love being able to share alarm and compliance data with your service department... your techs will love it too!

Option 2:

Want to offer a fully managed compliance and alarm service program to your customers? No problem! Install Canaries at your customers’ sites, then efficiently manage their alarms and compliance remotely using Canary software.

Option 3:

We know your customers aren’t all the same, so you can combine Options 1 and 2 however it makes sense for your business!

Send an email to for distributor pricing and more information.

What Our Distributors Are Saying

“It is easy to sell good products like Canary. It really helps that their knowledgeable team is available and accessible for me and my customers.”

Lee Bosarge

Sales Representative, McKinney Equipment

“Canary has a great product and team. The product is differentiated and easy for our reps to sell. Canary also gives our service department great visibility into our customers’ issues so we can help them out quickly and reliably.”

Bill Giles

VP Business Development, Oscar W Larson Co.