Product Info

Canary connects your ATG to our secure, wireless network and uses alarm data to dramatically reduce maintenance and repair costs. See how easy it is to install

  • Installs in minutes
  • 99% reliable, secure connection
  • Data driven dispatches
  • Compatible with most ATGs

Inventory alerts

Real-time notifications let you know when a tank needs delivery and whether there's water in that tank.

Real-time inventory polling

Check tank inventory at the touch of a button with our iOS or Android app or on our website.

ATG settings audit

Ensure that your settings are correct so your alarms accurately reflect your system.

Basic alarm alerts

Canary groups related alarms, reducing alarm noise so you can focus on what's important.

Canary Pro alerts*

Canary uses contextual data such as weather, along with site history analytics, to quickly get to the root of a problem and provide recommendations for corrective action.

Monthly ATG compliance slips

Canary bundles the relevant monthly ATG slips to make sure you have all the test results needed to demonstrate compliance.

Monthly site compliance reports*

Canary uses compliance logic to review and assess your sites' compliance status and provides a summary report.

Unlimited record storage*

All of your compliance records and ATG slips are saved in the cloud so you'll always have access.

ATG remote polling*

Run diagnostic ATG tests, pull reports, and update settings with the push of a button.

Data analytics*

Canary monitors your site data over time to help you analyze and optimize site performance.

*Available with Canary Pro

Purchase a Canary box for $450 and choose your subscription service plan.
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Canary Basic

  • Inventory alerts
  • Real-time inventory polling
  • One-time ATG settings audit
  • Basic alarm alerts
  • Monthly ATG compliance slips
Best Value

Canary Pro

  • Inventory alerts
  • Real-time inventory polling
  • Annual ATG settings audit
  • Canary Pro alerts
  • Monthly ATG compliance slips
  • Monthly site compliance reports
  • Unlimited record storage
  • Unlimited ATG remote polling
  • Standard data analytics
  • Share issues with contractor

Inventory Only

Get inventory alerts and realtime inventory polling. Contact us for pricing